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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Question Evolution, Face the Fury

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

The secular science industry is conveniently providing illustrations of the need for Question Evolution Day, and are providing them in a big way. Mighty obliging of them. Although science is supposed to be the search for knowledge, the word science is equated with vertical evolution, and contrary views are not only discouraged, but actively suppressed. A paper was recalled because the authors had the audacity to use the word creator. Evolutionists bushwhacked Mary Schweitzer because of her work on dinosaur soft tissues. Darwin deniers are harassed and even fired because of their views, not because of their job performance. 

Some people think for themselves this Question Evolution Day, but secularists are outraged when Darwin is doubted
Most of this was made at Atom Smasher
Have you noticed that logic and critical thinking are actively discouraged instead of taught in schools nowadays? Bullying and ridicule from Darwin's microcephalic children ensue, again equating evolution with science and inferring that creationists are bad people with "agendas". Yet, secularists have agendas, and seek to protect their death cult of evolutionism from scrutiny.

Their double standards include allowing bullying of Christians and creationists because we "deserve it", as I've seen a few tinhorns say. Some will even reflexively call us "liars" because they dislike (or do not understand) evidence we present. Those actions are nothing less than unabashed bigotry, old son.

What really takes the rag off the bush is when a minor government official in India apparently not only doubted Darwin, but misrepresented it. Circle the wagons! Someone did not kneel before Darwin, blessed be! The outcry in India is actually funny in some ways, but it clearly illustrates the desperation of Darwinoids. Instead of telling the man that he said something wrong, and instead of responding rationally with the true spirit of science, people went plumb loco. This is what thinking people are up against. And some try to tell us that evolutionism and atheism are not religions? 

Wouldn't it be nice if they were honest for once? Secularists have repeatedly shown that they do not believe in intellectual, academic, professional, speech, religious, and other freedoms. And it is escalating.
There’s no escape. You can’t flee anywhere in the world if you doubt Darwin.
Look at this headline in Nature News: “Anti-Darwin comments in India outrage scientists.” It doesn’t say that scientists (defined here as members of Nature's opinion of acceptable materialists who pay homage to Darwin) merely “disagree” with the comments. It doesn’t say that they feel such comments are misinformed. No; Nature reporter T. V. Padma says the comments 'outrage' scientists (scream when you say that!). The word implies hate, intolerance, and mob psychology. The subtitle is even more disturbing: “Researchers and government officials have condemned the statements of a junior minister who questioned the theory of evolution.” The priests of Darwin want to send this minister to materialist hell for the unpardonable sin!
To read the rest, click on "Big Science Condemns Blasphemy Against Darwin".

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Bicycle Wheels, Evolution, and Pantheism

Although a decent bicycle is affordable for most people, bicycle racing for prize money requires some expensive and specialized equipment. Research has been done on aerodynamics, as well as making the frames themselves both stronger and lighter. The wheel design is also extremely important, as crosswinds can be dangerous, whether indoors or on the open road. 

A bicycle wheel was inspired by the humpback whale, but credit was given to "nature", not the Master Engineer
Credit: Pixabay / John R Perry
Biomimetics is the concept of taking what is found in nature and applying it for our use. I can just imagine a scene in a Zipp Speed Weaponry meeting where they were looking for inspiration to improve bicycle wheels. "You're taking inspiration from the lumps on the pectoral fins of humpback whales? Sure, that's the first place to look!" They were able to make a successful and safer wheel, and see them around $1,800 USD for just the front wheel. You'd better be a well-heeled or sponsored serious racer to buy those, pilgrim.

Unfortunately, they were not considering that organisms in nature were designed, so these owlhoots got all pantheistic on us and gave credit to "nature", as if it was a person (fallacy of reification). Hail Darwin, blessed be! Nature does not select or evolve something for a purpose, though many people act that way. Give the Master Engineer credit, you savvy? It makes far more sense to approach life from a design perspective rather than a Darwinian death cult worldview. 
The report on Zipp’s new wheels is a clear example of how evolutionists are content to plug a massive void of empirical evidence with their faith that nature somehow exercises agency, “At the unveiling of the 454s in London Wednesday night, Zipp engineers repeatedly turned to the idea of biomimicry, an old concept of approaching engineering problems by looking to how nature has solved them.” But nature can’t solve anything because it has no mind or will—it can’t think, plan, or build.
To read the article in its entirety, click on "Whale Fin Inspires Safer Racing Wheels". Also, you may want to see this self-serving video:

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Envision Darwin Before Interpreting Data

Using a priori assumptions and circular reasoning, advocates of universal common ancestor evolution are definitely not objective. They assume Darwinism so they can prove it, and interpret data through that particular filter. Okay, scientists do that. We all interpret information through our worldviews and presuppositions.

Secularists are enforcing Darwin for researchers interpreting data
Modified from a graphic at Clker clipart
The secular science industry goes beyond the expected human biases and frailties, however. Evolutionism is required, creation science and intelligent design are rejected out of hand, and the catechism is strictly enforced. Independent thought, especially any possibility of questioning evolution, cannot be tolerated. Researchers are chastised if they dare to forget to envision Darwin before they interpret data and present papers. And don't even think about presenting anything contrary to the consensus, ain't no way!
When the evidence doesn’t fit evolutionary theory, guess what has to change?
The king is dead. Long live the king!
This contradictory set of sentences could be used to describe King Charles (Darwin). Whenever he dies, he lives long—his theory does, at least. We’ve seen Darwinism falsified so many times, it’s become routine. Now, evolutionists at the University of Texas would like to forestall any upcoming falsifications that might make young trainees’ minds wander. Their method: always force-fit genetic evidence that contradicts evolutionary expectations into a “phylogenetic context.” Evolution first! That’s the new strategy, according to their paper in PNAS:
To read the rest, click on "Visualize Darwin Before Looking at Data".

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lenski's Bacteria Experiments Support Creation, Not Evolution

Lenski E. coli bacteria generations do not support evolution, they support creation

Dr. Richard Lensi has done a prairie schooner full of research on E. coli bacteria, but is not getting the results that he wanted. Some folks say that his work is suspect because he does not share his material with others, but why should he? Like the old joke about scientists who said that they could create man and God is superfluous, so they challenged God in a man-making experiment and God said, "Get your own dirt". Well, get your own bacteria. Unlike tinhorns who call creationists "liars" because they do not like the conclusions reached by creationists, there is no reason to accuse Lenski of dishonesty. However, his conclusions are fair game.


Some of the Evo Sith look to Dr. Lenski as giving proof that Darwin was right.

That'll be the day! What did he begin with? Bacteria. After tens of thousands of generations, what does he have? The same kind of bacteria, with a few variations. Now, if the E. coli had managed to coalesce, steal his car keys, and go watch the Spartans win against the Wolverines, I'd be impressed. But upon deeper examination of the mutations of the DNA in the cultures, we actually see evidence of the Master Engineer's design.
When people discuss evidence for evolution, they often cite the work of Richard Lenski at Michigan State University. He has been growing E. coli in the lab for nearly 30 years. Lenski’s work is phenomenal and worth a look, but from a creationist perspective. The biggest problem with Lenski’s work is not the work itself, but the interpretation of it. Recently, Lenski’s E. coli reached over 60,000 generations, and Lenski published a description of their observations. This article will scrutinize the claim that Lenski’s work for over 60,000 generations is evolution-in-action. When studied with the correct biblical worldview, Lenski’s E. coli demonstrate an amazingly complex showcase for design by an all-knowing Creator.
Richard Lenski has been growing E. coli for over 60,000 generations.
  • While Lenski’s work is great, there has been some misunderstanding about what it shows.
  • There are significant problems with the interpretation of Lenski’s results.
  • The citT mutation is claimed to be proof of evolution, but is actually proof of creation.
  • E. coli remains E. coli.
Richard Lenski does amazing science. He has been growing Escherichia coli (E. coli) in the laboratory for nearly 30 years. In 1988, Lenski set up 12 cultures of E. coli and allowed them to grow overnight. The following morning, he transferred them to a fresh culture and allowed them to continue growing. Lenski’s lab has been transferring those cultures now for over 60,000 generations, and he regularly publishes updates about those cultures. Lenski’s cultures are cited by evolutionists as being proof of evolution in action, but that is not the case. Upon closer inspection of what Lenski is actually doing, we can see that his experiments support a biblical worldview and demonstrate the flexibility of God’s creation over time.
That's the abstract. To finish reading the entire article, click on "Celebrating Over 60,000 Generations of Creation Science by an Evolutionist". 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Marvels of Eclipses

Solar and lunar eclipses are fascinating, and scientists are especially fond of them. Especially solar eclipses, because they can do testing and observe things out yonder that cannot be seen under normal conditions. Those are more difficult to participate in because the area of totality is quite limited, unlike the wide area available during a lunar eclipse. As a side note, a transit is when a smaller object travels between a star and the observer, such as when Mercury and Venus transit the sun. No big crowed events for those, just wait for photos from experts instead.

Eclipses testify of the power of our Creator
Credit: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani
Conditions have to be just right for a major eclipse to occur. The moon passes in front of the sun and makes day seem to be almost night in certain areas for a few minutes. When Earth gets the notion to get between the sun and moon, so the moon appears red or orange for a while. These things happen because the Creator designed the corresponding distances of the sun, moon, and Earth. Just another reminder of his power, design skills, and of recent creation. People had a special experience during the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse.
From Oregon to South Carolina, people used special eclipse glasses to watch the moon slowly move in front of the sun over the course of about an hour, culminating in a few minutes of darkness during ‘totality’. The brief period where the moon completely blocks out the sun, leaving only the corona visible and resulting in what looks like twilight across the entire horizon. In the rest of the country, only a partial eclipse was visible.
To read the entire article (it's short, and not packed with heavy science), click on "Eclipses".

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Evolutionists Befuddled by Live Birth

Proponents of universal common ancestor evolution get burrs under their saddles when they need to seriously discuss live birth. Critters, humans, even some insects do it. But evolutionists cannot give a plausible explanation for live birth in so many creatures, except to invoke the secular miracle of "convergent evolution". If you get your Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Ring©, you'll find out that "convergent evolution" means, "We don't have a clue". Then they want the Master Engineer to reinvent the wheel so to speak, instead of using his efficient design for live births in multiple creatures. What, would you only use a good design only once?

Evolutionists cannot adequately explain the existence of life birth, nor why it is so widespread among living things
Credit: Pixabay / StockSnap
More puzzling for evolutionists is the placental mammal. The placenta is integral in such live births, and is an extremely intricate organ inside the mother that protects the baby and helps its development. Interestingly, the placenta is cast off after the birthing is done. Clearly, our Creator shows his skill and compassion in his design of the placenta.
The complex mammalian placenta is an organ to which, in a sense, we all owe our lives. It’s formed by the fusion of maternal and embryonic tissues and establishes vascular contact between mother and child at the onset of pregnancy.
To finish reading, click on "The Created Placenta".

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Antarctica's Fossil Forest Amazes Evolutionists

Here is an idea that should sound like a whole whack of fun. We can all go looking for fossil forests! The first place that should come to your mind to search for a fossil forest would be Antarctica. 

"Wait, what?"

Yes, you heard me. The South Pole. At one time, it was not the snowy wasteland we see today, but it was a tropical place to which someone may want to retire. That means it should not be such a shock to learn that a fossil forest was discovered there.

Fossil trees in Antarctica fit Genesis Flood model for a young earth
Original image credit: William A Link, USGS (public domain),
modified with a graphic from Clker clipart
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Not all reports of the fossil forest give complete information. For one thing, the word "fossil" is used loosely again, because the stumps have not turned completely to stone. Another fact that has been omitted from one report (as well as the very brief video report below) is that amino acids still exist. Obviously, that have not turned to stone. 

In addition, the trees were "advanced" according to proponents of universal common ancestor evolution. That is not supposed to happen, but other "advanced" trees have been found as well. Intricate, specifically complex trees and well-preserved fossils... The evidence does not support deep time or evolution. Instead, it supports recent creation and rapid burial that would be expected from the global Genesis Flood. 
Claimed to be 280 million years old, stumps of fossil trees retain original material in the world’s coldest climate.
The roots are still attached to a stump emerging from the ground in Antarctica. In the photo on Live Science, paleobiologists led by Erik Gulbranson claim that forests grew here from 400 million to 14 million Darwin Years ago, “which is basically the entirety of plant evolution.”
The article focuses on how the forests changed over millions of years, and speculates about the Permian-Triassic extinction and what it meant for evolution. The most astonishing part of the story, however, is near the end:
I won't leave you stumped. You can read the rest of the article by clicking on "Fossil Forest Found in Antarctica". A similar article can be found at "Fossil Trees in Antarctica Preserve Ancient Proteins". For examples of bad reasoning, see this jasper railing against the second article linked just above and see if you can count all the fallacies in his anti-creationist bigotry.